Frequently Asked Questions for Tourists

1. How do we get from our hotel / motel / accommodation to Zengarden?

We recommend Blue Bird Group taxi as they are generally more reliable. Their phone number is +62618461234 or please asked your hotel for assistance. Please note that Zengarden is not affiliated or in any way connected with Blue Bird Group. Hence Zengarden can’t be held liable / responsible for any loss / damage / discomfort occurred as a result of using a Blue Bird Group taxi.

2. How far is [my accommodation] or Tjong A Fie's mansion to Zengarden? (any of the following accomodations: Aryaduta / Alpha-Inn / Best Western Asean International / Danau Toba International / Emerald International / Grand Aston / Grand Elite / Grand Swiss-Bel / Hermes Palace / JW Marriott / Novotel Soechi / Polonia / Santika Dyandra / Swiss-Belinn / Tiara)

Zengarden, Tjong A Fie's mansion and all the accomodations specified above are located in the city-center. They are 5 - 15 minutes away from Zengarden using taxi (if there is no traffic jam).

3. How do we get from the Kualanamu Airport to Zengarden?

The airport in Medan is called Kualanamu. It is 39 km away from the heart of Medan and it takes 35 - 50 minutes by train or 1 - 1.5 hour by taxi. You can find out the train schedule from

4. Do you have any instruction in Indonesian that we can use to tell the taxi driver to locate Zengarden?

Jl. S Parman is a long road and there is a 4-way intersections at the end of Jl. Zainul Arifin / Kampung Keling that often confuse the driver. Turn left at that intersection to get to Zengarden (look at the the right hand side after about 350m).

Please copy this instruction and give it to the taxi driver: "Belok kiri dari Jl. Zainul Arifin / Kampung Keling menuju Jl. S Parman. Zengarden berada di sebelah kanan kira-kira 50 meter setelah melewati Jl. Hayam Wuruk."

5. Is the treatment price quoted on Zengarden website has included taxes?

Yes, the quoted price in the website has included taxes. No hidden / additional charges. Tipping is voluntary (norm is 15% - 20% of the treatment value).

6. Are there any malls near Zengarden?

Yes, Zengarden is located in the heart of Medan and have 2 malls within its 2 km radius. Cambridge Mall and Sun Plaza. Click Shopping Malls in Medan for more detail answer.

7. Are there any restaurants near Zengarden if I like to have some foods before/after my treatment?

There are plenty of restaurants within Zengarden's 300 meter radius such as Pohon Pisang (opposite Zengarden) , Koki Sunda Restaurant (150 m) , and Dr's Koffie Cafe (250 m)

Please email us at shall you have any additional questions.

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